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Logo Design

At Web Artist we create Unique Logos for small businesses. Professional Logos that stand out among your competitors. All our logos are started from pencil and paper to the digital world and are created in-house.


Logo Design Vancouver Island

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What makes
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Logo Design

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Everything about the typography in your logo—from the typeface(s) to the weights, kerning, and capitalization—should telegraph your brand style and message. (An edgier brand may incorporate weathered text and an Old English font, for example.) Does the choice of typography used in your logo really represent you?

You want your logo to represent your business and what you are about above all your competitors. If you sell or give a service that represents your business, make sure your logo expresses that advantage.

Colors have a language too, and each evoke different emotional responses. Have you researched the color psychology behind the colors you’re committing to, and do they align with your brand?

This is another simple one. Does your logo look good on various web and mobile applications?
The message your logo conveys should be quickly recognizable. If someone were to look at your logo for five seconds, would they know what your business is selling?

creating a logo design for you

  • We will always be there to design, edit or start a new visual campaige. This can include graphics for your social media, flyers, and business cards.

  • Design and creation of a professional logotype, created with high standarts of quality, design and proportion. We put a lot of attention in the little details with the intention so get the attention of future clients.

  • We will guide you en every detail and decision when we design graphics for you. We will listen to your ideas and make them come to life, or if you aren't sure we will create a design for you.

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