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The Core Web Vitals are the new WPO

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This article explain how Google and Core Web Vitals Works and how can improve your SEO.

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The Core Web Vitals are new WPO!


The Core Web Vitals are the new WPO (Word Press Optimization) metrics that Google will begin to take into account as of May 2021 as a web positioning factor. In addition, Google will use these metrics to display non-AMP pages in the mobile “Top Stories” functionality. Therefore, we must begin to prepare the websites for this new scenario.

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First of all, ideally we should do a SEO audit completeto find the possible points of improvement of WPO, contents, popularity and, above all, indexability. It is essential that this last section is correct, in all aspects, so that it makes sense to invest time in the rest.

The Core Web Vitals, At a basic level, they can be understood more intuitively than others used in the past, but understanding them in depth and finding the points to improve is equally technical.

In previous articles we already explained what they are Core Web Vitals and their importance in the user experience and how Google shows them in Google Search Console. But let’s analyze Core Web Vitals technically and in detail, to better understand how we can improve them.

Technical definition of Core Web Vitals FID

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 First Input Delay It is the time it takes for the web to respond to the first click of the user. It does not matter that the click will not have any responseor not on an element that executes JavaScript. 

The first click is the one that counts and the page will not respond immediately if there is JavaScript running at the time. Even in the case that it is not executing code related to the user’s click, since while JavaScript code is executing, the interface is blocked because it works in the same execution thread. Generally, the FID is directly affected by the TBT (Total Blocking Time) metric, which is the metric that tells us how long the interface is blocked, during the initial load, by heavy JavaScript tasks that last more than 50 ms ( on the running device).

The Core Web Vitals are the new WPO

Technically, the TBT is defined as: the sum of the execution time of JavaScript tasks that last more than 50ms from when the first element of the DOM (FCP) is painted, until the browser is 5 seconds without executing tasks longer than 50ms or making two or more network requests. At the time of each added task, 50ms is deducted from each one. However, JavaScript tasks that run from time to time on the page after loading (for example, to reload advertising) and that last longer than 50 ms also negatively affect this metric.


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