In this article we will try to explain the differences between

SEO VS Google Ads

What is SEO? Seo are the initials for Search Engine Optimization, a simple example to explain this would be
the following.

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What is SEO? Seo are the initials for Search Engine Optimization, a simple example to explain this would be the following.


In this article we will try to explain the differences between SEO and Google Ads, so that our clients
have a clearer idea of what the advantages and disadvantages of each are and can better decide
which is the most convenient strategy for their marketing.



What is SEO? Seo are the initials for Search Engine Optimization, a simple example to explain this would be
the following.


Let’s suppose that your puppy has a lot of very long hair and spring is entering the Beautiful
Comox Valley, and since you are obviously a very responsible owner who cares about his pet,
you are going to get his hair cut with the best pet groomer there is. is available, then you grab
your computer or cell phone and search the internet

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Which is the best pet groomer in Comox Valley, an endless list of pages will appear on Google, but we all know that if you are human, you only search the first page in which there are only about 10 results. Then you will surely choose among the first 5 the one that is closest to your house, the one that is cheaper, or the one with the latest trend haircuts for pets .

Good SEO is to make your website appear among the first 10 results, therefore the hairdressers that appear on the first page of Google are the ones that have the most traffic to their web pages and those that therefore have more profits for their businesses.

And how is it that Google chooses certain pages to appear in its main part? This depends on several factors that we will mention below:



  • Achieve an organized and easily understandable internal structure. With this, we make it easy for users to navigate our website, allowing them to stay longer on it. With this we can improve the metrics that Google takes into account when properly positioning a website.


  • Optimize titles and descriptions. To properly optimize a title, it is convenient to include the keyword, also trying to make it as attractive as possible to achieve more clicks, avoiding that it exceeds 60 characters so that it can be viewed completely. Something similar happens with the
    descriptions, we must tell you that we have the solution to what is raised in less than 140


  • Optimize headings. Optimize H1, H2, H3 tags, etc. improves SEO positioning. How do we optimize them? Using the tag H1 for the title, H2 for the subtitles, H3 for the sections within the subtitles and so on. With this, we manage to organize the information and make the user better oriented within the content of our website, which we deserve to be positioned ahead of those who do not work on these aspects.


  • Optimize content. It is one of the most important factors to improve SEO positioning, for this, we must achieve a content extension of about 1500-2000 words, a Keyword Density between 1% and 4%, optimize images, get comments in our content and use the keyword both in the first and last paragraph and in the rest of the content, but without overdoing it.


  • Make friendly URLs. A URL to be optimized should be as short as possible and contain no more than three or four words. It is good that the keyword appears in the URL, you do not have to include underscores or weird symbols, and you can also skip the prepositions, conjunctions and so on.


  • Get the charging time to be ideal. If our website does not load well, users will not be able to navigate it correctly and will leave it, so the user experience will not be positive. What can we do to improve the loading time? Reduce the size of images, optimize the amount of code on the web, etc.
In conclusion, doing SEO takes time and dedication, but it is well rewarded since in the future you will be able to get clients without having to invest money to get exposure.

In our next article we will talk about the campaigns in Google Ads.

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